Donald Cerrone grabbed headlines for all the wrong reasons earlier this week when he took his trash talk with Jamie Varner a little too far in an interview on TapouT Radio. After calling Varner a “fag” and a “bitch” on several occasions, Cerrone pulled a Frank Mir and wished death upon his rival.

“I hope my emotions have all to do, yeah, I hope my emotions have everything to do with this fight. I hope they come out and I’m just fucking fired up and all I want to do is go out there and kill him and that’s what going to get me going that first round, you know, I want to come in that first round and just rip his face off, you know that’s the plan. I don’t want to come in and sit back and let him dictate it, I hope my emotions drive me. I fight better on emotion, ask Leonard, he trains me every day. When I’m hot and some new guy comes in the gym and wants to throw down, that’s when I do my best, you know. So, I hope my emotions take over and I just kill this dude. I hope this is the first death in MMA.”

It’s not like we don’t hear “I’m going to kill this guy” all the time. In the context of the fight game, it’s just another way of saying “I’m going to beat my opponent.” It’s not a big deal by itself, but when you follow it up wishing “death” upon your opponent, well that’s a problem. There’s not really any other way to interpret “I hope this is the first death in MMA” other than “I hope he actually dies.” Fortunately, Cerrone realized that pretty quickly and issued an apology on Twitter after the interview.

I don’t really wish death on anyone!! Just got caught up in talking shit! My apologies @jamievarner! Took it to far

Nevertheless, it appears the comments have landed Cowboy in a little hot water with the WEC. Much like the UFC with Frank Mir’s comments, they were quick to release an official statement condemning Cowboy’s inappropriate remarks including the ones he didn’t apologize for.

“Donald Cerrone went too far in talking about his upcoming fight with Jamie Varner, and we believe he crossed a line of decency in doing so,” WEC Vice President Peter Dropick said in a public statement. “We will not tolerate a fighter who makes comments that are not consistent with our company values, nor will we tolerate the use of slurs that may offend any segment of the public.”

“We are aware Donald issued his own immediate apology on Twitter,” he said, “but we still needed to speak with him about it and to issue our own statement making our position known.”

I’m not going to get too worked up over the situation, but it amazes me that some fighters still fail to learn from their peers’ mistakes. It’s quite simple, don’t use any slurs or wish death upon your opponent when speaking to the media. Doing so isn’t doing yourself or the sport any favors.

Image via Sherdog