“I want the belt. The belt belongs to Anderson today and I want to fight him. He cannot fight this year, but I won’t wait for him. I’m cheered up and training here in Las Vegas for November. It was the schedule they (UFC) gave me and now it’s time to expect it to take place. I know all of his game, I know all his jiu-jitsu, stand-up game, I know he likes spinning kicks and uses elbows. If I touch my hand on him, he falls and won’t stand on his feet anymore. If I get close like Chael Sonnen and Demian Maia did, my fire power is bigger than theirs. A fight is a fight and we know these are two champions fighting, two persons with conditions, so the most important is be smart in each second of the match for nothing goes wrong. But he knows that, if my hand touches him he won’t stay standing up. That’s not a promise, that’s a fact. I’ll go towards him, I know what I want, I’m focused and don’t doubt on what I can do. I’m very excited. Speaking about this makes me feel like fighting now (laughs)”

— Vitor Belfort talking to RedeTV, transcribed via MMA Mania,  about a potential title fight against Anderson Silva

Vitor Belfort is extremely confident he has the power in his hands to do what no fighter has ever done — knockout Anderson Silva. The question is, will he get the chance? Vitor’s scheduled to fight Yushin Okami in November and Anderson Silva will to meet Chael Sonnen for a second time early next year. Both fighters would have to come away with wins to make a Silva-Belfort title fight and that’s no guarantee. It’s something Vitor is well aware of. After all the twists and turns his career and life have taken, he doesn’t expect a title shot will be waiting for him even if he beats Yushin Okami.