Just because Frank Mir is scheduled for a fight against Mirko Cro Cop in the heavyweight division this weekend doesn’t mean he stopped considering a move down to the light heavyweight division. In fact, Mir tells Fighters Only that it’s still very much a possibility if the opportunity ever presents itself.

“Right now it’s on pause. It’s definitely on pause. I want to do it. I’m not going to 205 because I feel I can do better as far as its easier fights. In fact, 205 is extremely stacked. The tenth guy there is more dangerous than the tenth guy in the heavyweight division; so there’s a lot more talent to worry about at 205.”

“That’s why you get a guy like Pat Barry, who’s 230, probably could go to 205. But at heavyweight, it’s less competition; you can really beat people up. Especially if you’re a fast heavyweight.”

“It wasn’t for an easier path, it was brought up one time and because certain people around me their reply was ‘absolutely not, there is no way you could do that.'”

“Being a multiple weight class champion would be a phenomenal feat. If ever another opportunity arises, if I take time off for another surgery or an injury, I’ll come back as a 205’er for a little bit.”