Jim Rome had SI.com’s Josh Gross on his radio show earlier today to talk about Chael Sonnen and steroids in MMA. Expanding on his piece from earlier this week, Gross argued that the cheapest, simplest and most effective way to eradicate steroids from the UFC is to issue a zero tolerance policy and ban steroid offenders from the organization. It’s a policy I would certainly be in favor of, but I’m not convinced it would fix the problem. There’s still the issue of substandard testing with the athletic commissions, and until that is fixed, fighters who know their way around urine testing will continue to cheat without fear of getting caught.

Question to ponder: Paul Daley received a permanent ban from the UFC for sucker punching Josh Koscheck after the bell. Is using performance enhancing drugs and gaining an unfair advantage on your opponent any better or worse than Daley’s actions? If Daley was banned for what he did, should fighters who test positive for PED’s be banned as well?

Before you answer, consider this. Daley only received a 30-day suspension from the RAJC whereas fighters who test positive for PED’s receive one-year suspensions and $2,500 fines. The fighters involved in the CBS brawl earlier this year received 90-day suspensions and $5,000 fines. At least in the eyes of the commissions, it seems using performance enhancers is at least as serious of an offense, if not more, than fighting after the bell.