The K-1 World GP 2010 Final 16 takes place on Oct. 2 in Seoul, Korea. The card:

Opening bout: K-1 rules / 3Min. 3R Ext.1R

  • Min Ho Song vs Hyun Man Myung

Superfights: K-1 rules / 3Min. 3R Ext.1R

  • Sergey Kharitonov vs Takumi Sato
  • Chalid Arrab vs Dževad Poturak

K-1 World GP 2010 Final 16 Elimination bouts: K-1 rules / 3Min. 3R Ext. 2R

  • Ray Sefo vs Tyrone Spong
  • Andrei Arlovski (Arlovski confirmed he is out of the tournament for unknown reasons) vs Raul Cătinaş
  • Gökhan Saki vs Freddy Kemayo
  • Errol Zimmerman vs Daniel Ghiţă
  • Ewerton Teixeira vs Peter Aerts
  • Semmy Schilt vs Hesdy Gerges
  • Jérôme Le Banner vs Kyotaro
  • Alistair Overeem vs Ben Edwards

Alistair Overeem loads up on beef and horse meat at the supermarket after the jump.

HT: Cage Today