Remember that video last week where Wanderlei Silva politely told Chael Sonnen to “have respect” for Brazil or “lose his teeth?” Well, apparently that little chat happened before Chael Sonnen told a crowd of UFC fans that Wand is a has-been. Needless to say, Wand wasn’t particularly happy when he found out, and now Chael Sonnen is on his “list.”

“I sat in the car and I was looking at him, I saw him and I remembered he had been talking some things…” Wanderlei recalled in an appearance on TapouT Radio last night.

Asked if the in-car harangue had been before or after Sonnen had publicly referred to Wanderlei as “someone who used to be a fighter,” Wanderlei said No, he said this after I talked to him in the car. This is the kind of man that… I don’t know, he had a lot of opportunity to say that in the car, but he didn’t say anything. I don’t know what happened.

“We’re gonna look at whats gonna happens next, he stays on the list right now. We’re going to have to finish it in the octagon. I want to make my next fight with Leben and then maybe after Leben I fight with him, no problem. I’ll wait for him too.”

As much as I’d love to see Wand teach Chael a lesson about respect in the Octagon, I have a feeling that match-up would result in Wand laying on his back for 15 straight minutes. Wand isn’t exactly known for his takedown defense and taking people down, well, that’s the one thing Sonnen does really well.

It’s too soon to say when this fight could be possible anyhow. Wand’s out with his knee injury until March, and Chael is suspended until Sept. 2 unless the CSAC says otherwise at his appeal hearing that he has yet to sign up for.

Image via Sherdog