“I get excited when I hear that. I love being the underdog. That’s how it was when I fought Mike Brown too, right? I wasn’t supposed to win that either, right? I’m something like a 6-1 underdog. That’s better for my fans and my friends, because now they can bet on me and make lots of money… People thought I couldn’t stand with Mike Brown too. But I’ve worked a lot of my boxing. I knew I had a chance to knock him out, and that’s what I did. When I fight, you should expect anything and everything. I won’t be surprised if I knock [Aldo] out with a jumping knee… There’s no pressure on me. He’s the champ, so the pressure’s on him. Nobody thinks I can win, so there’s no pressure on me. Maybe when I get the belt it will be different, but right now it’s all on him… He has a lot of holes. His stand-up is pretty good, but he makes a lot of mistakes. I’m just going to go in there and try and capitalize on those… We all saw what happened to Fedor. Nobody expected him to get caught in a triangle choke and armbar at the same time. But it happens. A fight’s a fight. Everybody’s beatable, nobody’s invincible.”

— Manny Gamburyan talking to MMA Fighting about his featherweight title fight against Jose Aldo tonight at WEC 51

Manny Gamburyan is not short on confidence heading into his title fight against WEC featherweight champ Jose Aldo. He might be a little crazy thinking he is going to knock out Aldo with a flying knee, but he’s definitely not unsure of himself. I’m taking Aldo tonight for obvious reasons (the kid is like a miniature wrecking ball), but Manny is right about one thing, no one is invincible.

Anyone think Gamburyan has the skills to take out the champ tonight?

Image via WEC.tv