The extra security Strikeforce planned to add to this weekend’s event wasn’t needed at yesterday’s pre-fight press conference. Separated by only Scott Coker, Nick Diaz and KJ Noons peacefully sat next to each other and addressed the media without incident. Whatever bad blood they had before doesn’t seem to exist anymore. I doubt they’ll ever be buddies, but they don’t seem to hate each other like we saw at the brawl in Hawaii two years ago.

Quotes from Saturday’s headliners with video highlights of the press conference courtesy of Sherdog and MMA Fighting.

Nick Diaz:

“Yeah, I was angry at the time [about the stoppage.] I think it was just an inexperienced doctor who stopped the fight,” Diaz said. “My brother’s last fight wasn’t stopped, and he had a large cut. That happens all the time. It’s a title fight, and you don’t really stop it. It’s not like I was hurt and running. I was on top. When he knocked me down, I started scooting forward immediately. I’m just glad K.J. took the fight. I didn’t think he’d take it years ago.”

“I dropped it. I figured he’d stopped fighting MMA. So I just forgot about it.”

KJ Noons:

“I trained hard for this fight. I think it’s a fight people want to see. Regardless of all the stuff on TV, I have respect for Nick as a fighter, because he’s a good fighter. You’re going to see two good fighters in an exciting match. I’m ready to fight best guy in the world at 170.”

“I feel good at the weight. Nick might be better [because of his frame], but I don’t have to go through the whole body transformation I had to go through to make 155,” Noons said. “I had to cut off an arm to make 155. Now I can get through my workouts and feel really strong. I’m working everything in MMA, because Nick’s dangerous. He’s beaten legends, but I’m not those guys. I have a different style than those guys. So it’s going to be interesting.”

Don’t forget about the 135lbs. women’s title fight going down between Sarah Kaufman and Marloes Coenen tomorrow night either. They talk about their fight after the jump.