Earlier this week, it looked like former WWE superstar Dave Batista had changed his mind about MMA. He was quoted as saying, “I will not be doing MMA/Strikeforce any time soon. So you can see me in the future of the WWE.” On The MMA Hour, Scott Coker told Ariel Helwani “movie offers” were tying up his time, so bullet dodged, right? Well, maybe not. In the video interview above, Batista tells MMA Prime’s Aaron Tru he plans on talking to Strikeforce again this weekend in San Jose, and he hopes they can “get something on paper.” So apparently there’s still a chance. Fans may cringe, but that should put a smile on Scott Coker’s face. He still thinks Dave Batista vs. Bobby Lashley is a fight that “should happen.”

Dave Batista is in San Jose this weekend with the Cesar Gracie fight team to corner Nick Diaz.