Fightmetric has released reports for both the Nick Diaz vs. KJ Noons II and Josh Thomson vs. JZ Cavalcante fights from earlier this evening, and both reports confirm what most observers saw.

In the main event, Nick Diaz outboxed KJ Noons for 3-4 rounds to win an unanimous decision on the judges’ scorecards, a decision FightMetric agreed with. From their observations, Diaz outlanded KJ Noons in both total strikes (150>139) and significant strikes (130>110). It’s worth noting that Compustrike’s numbers as seen on broadcast were completely different. Their stats said KJ Noons landed 310 total strikes to Nick Diaz’s 194. I’m not sure the exact reason for the huge difference, but it appears Compustrike was a lot more liberal in what they considered strikes landed and attempted compared to FightMetric. Back to FightMetric’s report, they conclude that Nick Diaz deserved to win a 49-46 decision and the fight overall based on their effectiveness score metric. I don’t think too many people would disagree.

The featured lightweight bout of the evening was a little more controversial. Many, including myself, disagreed with the judges and felt JZ Cavalcante deserved to win the decision over Josh Thomson. FightMetric agreed. While overall they scored the fight a draw with a very close effectiveness score and performance rating, FM awarded the first and third rounds to JZ (as did I). I hope the judge who scored it 30-27 Thomson sees these reports.

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Update: Everything makes sense again. It turns out Compustrike made a mistake in their calculation of the total strikes KJ Noons landed. It was 155, not 310, which was less than the 194 they said Nick Diaz landed.