Today’s the day EA Sports MMA is released to the masses. Feel free to share your thoughts on the game if you pick it up today. I’ve only seen one full review yet so far, but they seemed to like it (4 out of 5 stars) besides the obvious fact that a large percentage of the world’s top fighters are missing from its roster.

The main drawback of MMA, its underwhelming roster, is perhaps understandable considering the behind-the-scenes feuding between EA and UFC bosses. While it is great to be able to finally see Randy Couture square off against Fedor Emelianenko, the lack of even a handful of high-profile names from the UFC feels like glaring a omission in what is an otherwise all-encompassing game.

Comparisons between MMA and THQ’s UFC Undisputed franchise are inevitable, but the two games offer up very different experiences that are, for the most part, complimentary. MMA is a fuller game that celebrates the broadest scope of the sport with a loving precision, while UFC brings out a roster of more recognizable fighters for a more casual, beer-and-buddies experience.

It remains to be seen if there is enough interest to support both franchises, but with the series’ first outing, EA Sports MMA provides not only a must-play experience for fans, but a compelling argument for two-MMA-game world.

In other MMA video game news, THQ announced earlier today that they have extended their agreement with the UFC to produce Undisputed games until 2018. That should any speculation that EA is going to swoop in and snatch the UFC license from rival publisher THQ.

Image via Tracy Lee