I learned two new things today and I’m not sure which is crazier. The fact that Scott Coker was once a kung fu movie star of sorts or that they have Xbox’s in Stary Oskol, Russia and Fedor Emelianenko owns one. Yeah, I never would have guessed either.

Anyhow, Scott Coker’s movie days are long over, but Fedor’s gaming days aren’t. He was in LA earlier today with Randy Couture for the launch of EA Sports MMA. Fedor and Randy picked up controllers and the closest thing we’ll likely ever see to 2008’s dream fight went down on the TV screen before them. Couture held his own for a bit, but in the end, Fedor knocked him unconscious via rape choke beatdown. Randy tells FIGHT! Magazine below he’d like a rematch in real life if the opportunity ever presents itself.

As for the game itself, reviews continue to come in and everything I’ve seen thus far has been positive. IGN even insinuated that it’s a better game than UFC Undisputed.

EA Sports MMA wrestles away the belt from the reigning champ with its stellar combat that feels much closer to the genuine article than what we’ve seen elsewhere. While its modes don’t span the same breadth of other sports titles, it gets things like the international flavor of MMA and the raw nature of the sport down perfectly. Now if they can just refine the AI a bit and add some meat to the scope of the career mode, this one will transcend MMA games and could contend for a spot as one of the best sports games of the year.

You can check out WKR’s review here and IGN’s video review below. Oh, and pretty accurate versions of UFC fighters like Chuck Liddell, Brock Lesnar and Anderson Silva have already been created by the community. If I remember correctly, created fighters can be shared and downloaded so maybe the thin roster won’t be as big of a deal as some might think.