Fedor Emelianenko tells MMA Heat’s Karyn Bryant, “To my knowledge, Alistair Overeem is against fighting me.”

Josh Gross has a little update on Fedor’s contract negotiations between M-1 Global and Strikeforce Showtime.

With one fight remaining on a contract that puts Emelianenko’s American bouts in Strikeforce, the former Pride heavyweight champion’s future is being leveraged in an attempt to place M-1 events on Showtime, which currently carries only Strikeforce cards.

“We have our own interests that we need to discuss with the network,” said M-1 boss Vadim Finkelstein. “Principally we feel we’re very close. It all depends on Showtime.”

Showtime would not discuss ongoing negotiations, though sources on all sides suggest the process has for weeks resembled a roller coaster ride. One day a deal seems done. The next day, not so much.