Following Eddie Alvarez’s dominant win over Roger Huerta last week, one of the Bellator commentators said that Eddie Alvarez is now the number one lightweight in the world. As you would expect, Dana White took exception to that. Speaking to media following UFC 121 (via, Dana says you never really know where a fighter stands until he fights in the UFC (I’m sure many disagree), not to mention that beating Roger Huerta who has lost three out of his last four shouldn’t push anyone to the top of the lightweight rankings. Dana did however give Alvarez his props for beating Roger like he did and you get the sense he would sign him if he was available, but unfortunately that’s not the case. It’s a shame too because Eddie deserves a shot to prove himself in the UFC.

But since that isn’t happening, Eddie will have to settle for the next best thing and that’s a lightweight showdown with Strikeforce champion Gilbert Melendez if Scott Coker ever stops deflecting all the calls for it. Gilbert tells FIGHT! Magazine below that’s been calling out Eddie Alvarez for months and he still wants the fight. He even sends Scott Coker a message to make it happen. Listen to your lightweight champion, Strikeforce.