If you’re somebody who still wants to see Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre, you’ll be happy to hear that one highly influential person at the UFC really want to see it too. That would be UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta, and he thinks it could happen sometime next summer if both champions win their next fights.

“I want to see that fight,” Fertitta said. “That’s probably the one fight I really want to see the most.”

“‘GSP’ has to get past Koscheck; Anderson Silva has to get past Vitor Belfort,” Fertitta said. “If that happens, there’s a really good likelihood that we could see that fight – probably some time next summer. … If these guys keep winning their fights, I think it will definitely happen.

“One of the things we wanted to do was allow both of these guys to continue to get through their divisions – meaning there were a lot of contenders that deserved title shots. Because they’re in different weightclasses, we wanted to let that all play out before we put those two guys together. But I mean we’re getting to a point where they’ve pretty much cleaned out the division. Maybe it’s time to watch them and see what happens.”

Something tells me that whatever Lorenzo wants in the UFC, he gets, which is great for all the fans who have wanted to see Anderson and GSP go at it for the past year. The question is, will that still be the fight to make in nine months? GSP and Silva are the only two UFC champions who have held onto their titles this year. Can they both get past one more opponent to get to the pound-for-pound showdown everyone’s been waiting for?