After being told he may never fight again following a very serious eye injury earlier this year, Alan Belcher got he best news he could have ever hoped for. Yesterday, his doctor informed him the surgery was successful, his recovery was going well and he could return to full contact sparring in January. In other words, Alan Belcher was told he will fight again.

In the meantime, Belcher will be allowed to do normal workouts like running and weight-training. For Belcher it’s like Christmas come early. He badly misses training and plans to come back stronger than ever with the goal to become a world champion.

“There’s no doubt I miss it, I miss it bad,” Belcher told MMA Fighting. “I was the kind of guy I’d be training almost every day. You’d have to make me stop because I love it so much. But I did it because it was fun and it makes me feel good about myself. This has been the longest break I’ve taken from training in my entire sports life. I’ve trained every week, almost every day since I was a kid. I started martial arts at eight years old and haven’t missed more than a week, so it was really weird doing nothing for months.”

“They need to look out for a totally new fighter coming into the division,” he continued. “My whole mindset is changing. I’m working on my mental game, figuring out what it takes to be the best in that division and that’s what I’m going to make happen. I’m going to use this opportunity to come back better and smarter. Don’t expect Alan Belcher to come back slacking or rusty. I will come back better. I will not lose. I will beat whoever is on top, I’ll get my title shot, and I’m going to be be world champion.”

One he’s given the full green light from his doctor, Belcher plans to train for six weeks to get himself back in the groove before he accepts his first fight back. If all goes well, he hopes to be back in the Octagon sometime next spring.