Urijah Faber’s biggest goal has always been to become a UFC champion. With the WEC merging with the UFC Faber will finally get that chance and he couldn’t be happier as he describes in this short video blog he recorded after the merger was announced.

Another key WEC figure that’s extremely excited about the merger is WEC founder and general manager Reed Harris. He feels “very satisfied” from taking the promotion from basically nothing to a merger with the sport’s top organization.

“When I started the WEC, we thought we’d maybe do one show,” Harris told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com). “To be sitting here today and have something that I was involved in become part of the biggest sports company in the world is very satisfying.

“It’s kind of like when your kids go to college. At first, you’re concerned, but then after they leave, it’s pretty great.”

“This is something we’ve been planning for a while,” Harris said. “They way we talked about it when we did the planning was that our fights were so good and so dynamic that these guys had to get on the big stage and open this up to all the MMA fans in the world. There’s no bigger stage than the UFC.

“Everybody is really, really excited about it. I think the fighters are going to be as excited as we are, and it’s just going to be great for everyone involved.”

For now, Harris still has WEC 52 and WEC 53 to promote before he transitions into a new role in the UFC. He expects to make an announcement of what that role will be early next year.