Following last night’s event, Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney laid any rumors and speculation to rest that Bellator’s current season would be its last. Rebney informed reporters at the post-fight press conference that more seasons are on the way and they’ve “overcome” the broadcast hurdles they’ve encountered on FSN.

“I can tell you thankfully there will be a season four, five, six and beyond,” Rebney said. “Four will be starting at the beginning of 2011, and my hope had been that at the Philadelphia event [last Thursday] we’d be able to announce what’s going on from a television perspective. A lot of people always ask the question about Fox Sports Network and about the delays of broadcasts and the preemptions and the nature of that network, and we have overcome that issue, which is great for us. It’s great for our brand development. We’ll be making some firm announcements in terms of start dates and in terms of networks and in terms of times and days for shows in relatively short order.”

It’s definitely been a difficult task for even the most hardcore of fan to stay engaged with Bellator from week to week when the shows are preempted and delayed more often than not. It’s a huge problem Bellator needed to overcome and its great to hear they did. Hopefully whatever new deal they’ve worked out for 2011 doesn’t come with a new set of problems.

Image via Sherdog