Any merger is going to have its list of pros and cons and the UFC-WEC merger is no different. Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole and Steve Cofield discuss some those in the video above. I’ve listed their points below along with a few more.


  • Lighter weight fighters finally get the exposure, recognition and pay they have long deserved
  • Two additional UFC weight classes means less pay-per-views with weak non-championship headliners
  • Higher quality fight cards all around
  • UFC lightweights pondering move to featherweight division won’t need to worry about taking a pay cut
  • Bantamweight and featherweight seasons of TUF with opportunities for WEC fighters to coach


  • A net loss of 5-6 free shows a year at least in the short term
  • Less shows (at least in the short term) means less roster spots per division, and thus an increase in roster cuts. This should be less of an issue as the UFC adds more international shows.

Let me know below if I’ve left any out.

BE has a list of the current WEC roster broken down by division. Time will tell, especially in the WEC’s lightweight division, which ones will make the cut and become UFC fighters.