Sengoku Raiden Championships 15 took place earlier this morning at Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan. Maximo Blanco scored a vicious knockout over Kiumu Kunioku. That’s in the video above (via CP) around the 6:30 mark. While Blanco’s KO appears to be the highlight of the night, the low point of the card came in the main event when the judges apparently awarded the clear-cut decision to the wrong fighter. Hiroshi Izumi was given a split decision over James Zikic in what MDS called a “robbery.” Full recap.

Results after the jump.


  • Hiroshi Izumi defeats James Zikic via Split Decision
  • Brian Cobb defeats Kazunori Yokota via Split Decision
  • Manabu Inoue defeats Jae Hyun So via Unanimous Decision
  • Shunichi Shimizu defeats Wataru Takahashi via Unanimous Decision
  • Akitoshi Tamura defeats Shoko Sato via Split Decision
  • Taiyo Nakahara defeats Shintaro Ishiwatari via Split Decision
  • Yasubey Enomoto defeats Taisuke Okuno via Unanimous Decision
  • Keita Nakamura defeats Takuya Wada via Submission (Strikes) in Round One
  • Kazuo Takahashi defeats Chang Seob Lee via Submission (Armlock) in Round One
  • Maximo Blanco defeats Kiuma Kunioku via Knockout in Round One