I already posted some of this in an update on another post, but now with Roy Nelson’s response, I figured it warranted a new one so no one misses it. To make a long story short, it looks like Brock Lesnar has asked to fight Roy Nelson and Nelson, as you can see above, is all about it. Problem is the UFC wants Lesnar vs. Mir III and plans to offer that fight to Brock first, according to Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline.com (via CP):

“I could tell you this for pretty much 100 percent certainty Brock Lesnar wants that fight. I mean, he has asked for that fight and I would presume at some point  that fight is probably going to happen. I think the idea…Dana — as of a couple of days ago at least — had not talked to Lesnar yet, but he was planning on doing it,” Alvarez revealed. “I think the first fight they’re probably going to offer [Brock] is a third fight with Frank Mir.”

Lesnar vs. Nelson is a lot more interesting than Lesnar vs. Mir III if you ask me, and judging by all the comments I’ve seen, most people seem to agree. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but an overwhelming reaction in favor of Lesnar-Nelson could change Dana’s mind.