“Fighting Brock is interesting to me because he is the longest reigning heavyweight champion in UFC history. He held the belt longer than Randy Couture and I’m not sure about the number of defenses but when you fight once a year you will be able to hold that title for awhile. It’s easy to hold a belt if you do that way rather than fight three or four times but I have to give it to him for holding the title as long as he did… Brock is getting slack for asking to fight me because people think he should get a rematch. I don’t know if the powers that be want to see otherwise but it really just comes down to the MMA media wanting hits on their website by taking shots at Brock. You would never see anyone of these writers ask Brock to his face why he balls up when he gets punched just as you wouldn’t see them asking me why I’m considered as a lackluster challenge for him… I think it’s great that Brock wants to fight me. It would be a great matchup and I believe the fans want to see it so let’s make it happen. I don’t care if it is in the UFC or the WWE…let’s just get down to it… I’ll fight Brock in the UFC because they actually put on fights that the fans want to see. If the UFC isn’t up for it and we have to do it in the WWE that’s fine. If Brock still doesn’t want to fight there I guess I’ll take on the Undertaker because I’m sure he’d be happy to fight me. We can do Hell in the Cell or we can even do a complete throwback and sign a Lion’s Den match like Ken Shamrock. I can get paid to act… After losing to Cain he dropped down a few spots in the rankings but a win over Lesnar would definitely put me up there at the top. It would be an honor to fight Brock and it would definitely show that I belong in the Top 10 and will not be going away any time soon.”

—Roy Nelson talking to Bloody Elbow about a potential fight with Brock Lesnar

Still no movement on this fight yet, but I think it’s safe to say if it happens, it won’t happen in the WWE. Roy Nelson has quite the sense of humor sometimes.

Nelson also took a few jabs at Frank Mir and how the UFC promotes him. He says “Mir is a brand” for the UFC and if he get on the “Mir plan” he’ll get multiple opportunities to fight the best heavyweights and biggest names so he too can hang around the top of the heavyweight division. If all went according to Big Country’s plan he’d fight Brock, Nogueira and Shane Carwin, and then fight for the title.