Despite the fact that no one seems to want it, not even Frank Mir, Dana White says the rubber match between Mir and Brock Lesnar “makes sense” and will “probably” be their next fight. Apparently, reports about Brock wanting to fight Roy Nelson weren’t true.

“After the fight Brock took some time off to go hunting; he and I haven’t spoken since the fight so I’m not sure what he wants to do next.”

“He never asked for Roy Nelson, that’s not true. The last thing I did hear was that he wants to fight Frank Mir again. That fight kind of makes sense so… We will probably see Lesnar fight Mir next, I think that the rubber match makes sense.”

I’m not really sure how Lesnar-Mir III “makes sense” at this point. Maybe one day, but like I mentioned before, it just feels forced and unnecessary right now. Whether Lesnar wants to fight Nelson or not, I still think that’s the fight to book next. If Lesnar were to beat Nelson and Mir wins his next, then you could have them fight for a title shot. At least then they’re not just fighting for the sake of completing their trilogy.

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