“I’m not going to cry about it. If I’ve failed to convince the UFC, Dana White, and the fans that I’m overwhelmingly the No. 1 contender and that I absolutely should be fighting for the belt, then I take that as my own responsibility. It’s my own fault. If people are dissatisfied, then I’m going to correct that… It’s never been given or hinted as a reason. I have no idea. I really don’t know what they’re thinking. My only thinking is that if I’m not overwhelmingly, in the fans’ opinion, the guy who deserves it, then I have to win them over… It kind of was a little bit of a recent revelation [for me]. There wasn’t an overwhelming rush of support after the Alves fight. That was kind of eye-opening. I handily beat the No. 3 [fighter] in the world, and people are still not willing to thrust me into competition with GSP. Something’s missing.”

—Jon Fitch talking to The LA Times about getting passed over for a welterweight title shot

What’s missing are highlight reel finishes. Jon Fitch is a great fighter, but if all you turn in fight after fight are grinding decisions, not too many people will be clamoring to see you fight for a title, especially when you’ve already had one shot at the champ and came up short. The good news is Fitch seems to realize that now, so hopefully we’ll see him take more chances in his next fight against Jake Ellenberger.

It’s unknown if an impressive win there will net Fitch a title shot, but for now, Dana White has made it clear that Shields will get the next opportunity. But not because Fitch is “boring” or won’t fight his teammate Josh Koscheck, because he’s the “new guy” and he wants to give him a shot. In other words, they’re both boring, but GSP hasn’t destroyed Shields yet.

Image via Sherdog