“Listen, I like Alistair Overeem. I see him all the time. Cool guy. But there’s no urgency on my part to get him into the UFC. I actually find it hilarious that he’s ranked in the top 10 by some of the websites. I find it hilarious. What has he done in MMA to be ranked in the top 10? I’d like somebody here to answer that question. We’ve got a lot of media guys here; what has Alistair Overeem done to be ranked in the top 10 of mixed martial arts’ heavyweight division?… How do you figure because he’s such a good K-1 fighter (that) he can parlay that into being a mixed-martial-arts fighter? That’s what makes the mixed-martial-arts media [expletive] stupid – that they would even rank this guy in the top 10 because he’s fighting in K-1. That makes absolutely no [expletive] sense, and I would love to hear somebody make sense of this guy being ranked in the top 10… Has he fought anybody worth mentioning? Uh, yeah that would help. Guys that fight the top guys in the top 10, three times a year in mixed martial arts – those are the guys that are ranked in the top 10. How bout the fact that he’s fighting in K-1, where you just kick and punch? There’s no wrestling, there’s no this, and there’s no that. How does any credible [expletive] MMA guy put him in the top 10 in the heavyweight division? It’s hilarious… You know what this is? Another Fedor thing. UFC doesn’t have him, so we’re going to rank him in the top 10 even though the guy is only fighting in [expletive] K-1… [Expletive] great guy. I like Overeem. I have nothing but respect for him. But it’s an absolute [expletive] joke that anybody would rank him in the top 10. And anybody that wants to debate with me, and tell me why Alistair should be ranked, [expletive] fire away. I’m ready. I want to hear it. Can’t wait. If on your rankings you have him in the top 10, you should be [expletive] embarrassed.”

—Dana White, via MMA Junkie, expressing his thoughts on Alistair Overeem and people ranking him as a top 10 heavyweight

If Alistair Overeem is going to convince Dana White that he deserves a top 10 ranking, it isn’t going to happen for awhile. Overeem told MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani today that it will probably be another six months before he fights for Strikeforce again. He thinks a fight with Werdum makes the most sense. After all the heat he took for fighting Brett Rogers, he’s not too interested in fighting anyone else coming off a loss such as Fedor Emelianenko.