It happens more often than it should in MMA. A fighter knocks his opponent down, rains down a barrage of strikes, the ref jumps in to stop it, but the fighter still manages to tag his opponent with an extra shot or two. Most of the time it’s inadvertent, but even when it’s not, it usually happens so quick you couldn’t possibly prove there was malicious intent.

Well, in most cases you can’t. This video is a different story. Takeo Shiina not only continues to hit Jung Hyun Lee well after the ref stops the fight, he hits the ref and shoves him away so he can continue hitting his semi-conscious opponent! Luckily, a bunch of cornermen and officials rushed the cage to pull him off, but not before Shiina got in a few more shots.

Shiina was rightfully disqualified for hitting the ref, but he should be banned for assaulting his defenseless opponent.

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