“This fight right here has nothing to do with money. This fight right here is all about honor and respect. Since I’ve been in the UFC, I have been all about money because quite honestly, I’ve made more money in the UFC than I ever did in other shows. It’s really easy to get beside yourself and be all about the money, all about the money. But I remember back in my Pride days, I used to just go and fight for honor. … I want to go back to my old Pride days when I used to fight to put on a show.”

—Rampage Jackson on Sherdog Radio talking about fighting for honor, not money

Isn’t this the same guy who only weeks ago said fighting was nothing more than an “occupation” to him anymore? Last time I checked, people didn’t go to work every day to get compensated in honor and respect at the end of the week.

A lot of mixed signals coming from Rampage Jackson. He’ll say all the right things in one interview, and not seem to care in another. I’m not sure what to expect out of Quinton on Saturday night.

Image via ESPN.com