It appears the UFC may be setting Michael Bisping up to headline UFC 127, or at least that’s the impression he is under. Bisping revealed the news in a UFC 123 predictions blog earlier today, but couldn’t name his opponent because he’s not 100% sure who it’s going to be.

A certain someone who was supposed to fight recently, but didn’t has been talking shit about me, says that we’re going to fight soon. I don’t know if that’s the case or not. I haven’t spoke to my manager, he’s obviously very busy with Rampage at the moment. I’m keen to find out exactly who my next fight is going to be. I know I’m fighting in Sydney, Australia. I’m looking forward to going back there again. The main event is what I’m led to believe so I’m very very excited about that.

The fighter Bisping’s likely talking about is Jorge Rivera. Following his canceled fight in Germany last weekend, Rivera said the UFC was already trying to set up a fight between him and Bisping in Australia. As for the trash talking part, Bisping’s probably referencing Rivera’s manager who questioned if Bisping is “man enough” to fight his client in a MMA Weekly story.

“UFC likes the fight, we like the fight, but I don’t think Bisping is man enough to fight Jorge,” McMahon said in a text message on Sunday. “He has no warrior spirit, he knows Jorge will break his will and crush him.”

Bisping vs. Rivera definitely looks like the fight the UFC is trying to book, but as the main event? I’m thinking it would either be a co-headlining bout or a free Spike card, because there’s no way people would fork over $45-$55 to see Michael Bisping fight Jorge Rivera in the main event. I know I wouldn’t if I didn’t have to.

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Update: It won’t be headliner — BJ Penn vs. Jon Fitch will — but according to MMA Weekly, Michael Bisping vs. Jorge Rivera has been offered and agreed upon by both parties. Bout agreements have been sent to be signed and made official.