If there’s one thing you can count on from Don Frye, it’s that he’ll say exactly what he’s thinking and nine times out of ten it will make you laugh your ass off. His opinion about Brock Lesnar is no different.

“We have all had to watch Brock Lesnar fart around. That guy is an embarrassment… God damn, you get to hand pick his opponents for him for awhile then someone who is half way decent athlete comes along and hits him once and he pisses his pants and runs. If he wasn’t in a cage he would still be running… I’d never seen [Cain Velasquez] fight until he fought that jackass Brock. He doesn’t impress me, you could have sent a cheerleader in there to slap Brock around he’s so afraid of getting hit.”

Frye also says we’re about to embark on another “Randy Couture heavyweight comeback tour” now that there’s a 240lb. heavyweight champ. Frye says Couture “couldn’t punch through a wet paper bag,” but he could “whoop Cain’s ass.”

Image via Sherdog. Tip via MMA Mania.