“I watched that fight with Shogun. No disrespect to Machida, but he was punching at the same time. They punched at the same time, and me being a fighter, I could tell that that wasn’t a really strong punch that dropped him. It comes with a price, not getting hit. So that tells me that if he’s not getting hit in fights, he damn sure ain’t getting hit in sparring… I let people hit me in sparring sometimes to get used to it,” Jackson continued. “Some people say they don’t mind getting hit. I actually like getting hit. It doesn’t bother me, somebody punching me in my face.”

—Rampage Jackson talking to MMA Fighting about getting punched in the face

If Rampage vs. Machida comes down to who can take a punch better, I’d say Rampage takes it hands down, but I doubt that’s how it will play out. My guess is Machida dances around Rampage for three rounds and wins a unanimous decision.

Who do you have? Rampage or Machida?

Image via CombatLifestyle.com