Jason “Mayhem” Miller has long maintained that Nick Diaz was ducking him. He even paraded around at a recent Strikeforce event in a t-shirt with Diaz’s mantra, “Don’t Be Scared, Homie,” plastered on the front. and even started a blog called DontBeScaredHomie.com. When Nick would respond with demands that Mayhem come down to 170 lbs. after he spent the better part of 2009 fighting at 185 lbs., it seemed like maybe Mayhem had a point. According to Diaz’s trainer/manager Cesar Gracie though, that’s the not the case at all. He says Strikeforce has never presented them with the opportunity to fight Mayhem, and Nick can’t reject what he’s never been offered.

“That fight just hasn’t been offered to us like in an official manner yet,” he said. “I know ‘Mayhem’ goes on his websites and (says) Nick is ducking him and everything.

“It’s kind of hard to duck someone when you haven’t even been offered the fight. It’s just ‘Mayhem’ talking about that. Until it’s been offered, you can’t say yes or no.”

Now, if Strikeforce were to offer Diaz the Mayhem fight, would he take it? Yes, but only if it’s at a catchweight.

“I was talking to Strikeforce a little bit about it today. No opponent has been named or anything. But he’s going to fight on that date, and hopefully Fedor (Emelianenko) will be part of it too. It could be a really exciting time.”

“If that fight was offered, yeah, we’d probably take that fight,” he said. “We’d just have to look at what weight class it’s going to be in, and apparently, ‘Mayhem’ can’t make 170. We’re not going to accommodate going to 185. It doesn’t really make that much sense to call someone out, and the champ has to … go to your weight class.”

Scott Coker has shown interest in booking Diaz-Mayhem now that the KJ Noons rematch is out of the way. With him, Mayhem and Diaz on board, there aren’t any good reasons why this grudge match shouldn’t happen in 2011. That doesn’t mean it will, but all signs are pointing in that direction for a change.

Image via Esther Lin for Strikeforce/Showtime