Frank Shamrock appeared on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show last night to promote his new anti-bullying campaign, Stand Together. It’s a noble effort in of itself, but the funny part is what prompted Shamrock to start it. He explains on his welcome message on the Stand Together homepage (emphasis mine).

My name is Frank Shamrock, I am a 4 time Ultimate Fighting and mixed martial arts champion and one of the founders of the sport of MMA.

For 15 years I fought in the cage and around the world, promoting the benefits of a martial arts lifestyle for personal guidance and the health of our communities.

I retired from fighting in June of 2010 and have been enjoying time with my family and traveling around the US connecting with our culture.

Last month, I was the victim of cyber-bullying and in the days following my attack, I came to see that this is a major epidemic in America and around the world.

I decided to start Stand Up Together, a global campaign for change. I believe that education, opportunity and community will make that change in our world.

The cyber-bully he’s referring to is Dana White. As you may recall, Dana called Shamrock “a two-faced liar,” among other things, in response to Shamrock blaming him for MMA’s negative perception amongst certain New York lawmakers. Shamrock admonished White for bullying when asked to respond.

“Wow and false, is all that I can say about Dana’s comments that I am a two-faced liar and further, what a bully and terrible example of combat sports meets corporate America. We parted (after our recent meeting) with nothing more than a clear understanding of our different views and brands. Dana’s recent comments on AOL are ridiculous and insulting and I am sad to see them associated with our sport,” Shamrock said. “We will never be a true sport, or art for that matter, until we are free to speak our hearts and minds. I was being genuinely honest about my beliefs and dreams and did not attack, insult, curse or become angry with him in any way. And yet in return, I was attacked, ridiculed and bullied, and finally, my character questioned publically.”

“My comments in reply to Mr. White’s insulting tirade is that mixed martial arts breeds confidence, builds character and creates strong diverse communities whose foundation is honor, respect and discipline, and Dana White, I refuse to be bullied by you, and further, I respect a man who truthfully stands up and fights for his family with honor,” he continued. “Anytime you want to become a real man and not a bully, you let me know. I would [be] happy to oblige you with [a] personal introduction to Shamrock MMA.”

The whole situation was pretty ridiculous then, but Shamrock appears to have taken it to a whole ‘nother level with this sudden anti-bullying campaign. Some feel Shamrock’s intentions aren’t genuine and it’s nothing more than a publicity stunt. Others, like Shamrock’s former teammate Mike Swick, have thrown up their hands and said hold on a minute, Frank Shamrock is the biggest bully of them all.

“ARE YOU KIDDING FRANK SHAMROCK!?!? I have seen it all now! I usually keep my mouth shut and stay far away from any controversy or disputes with other fighters but this is too much! Frank Shamrock started a foundation to fight bullies because he was cyber-bullied?” Swick wrote. “OMG thats ironic considering he was the biggest bully at our gym until we had to split him from our team. I cant even list the fighters on the team that were injured and hurt by him and that he passed out in chokes even after they tapped. This is like making the drug dealer a cop so he can help them get more drug dealers. This is like dropping salt into an open flesh wound right before spilling alcohol into it too.”

I don’t know what to think about this — I’m not sure I care enough — but I do know I don’t get the warm-fuzzies from this “time to make a stand” video Shamrock made.