Only two short days after Jose Aldo officially received his UFC featherweight championship belt comes word that Aldo has sustained an undisclosed injury and will not be able to fight Josh Grispi at UFC 125.

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo has suffered an undisclosed injury and has withdrawn from his UFC 125 co-main event bout with Josh Grispi.

Sources close to the event notified of the news this afternoon.

Major bummer. It’s unknown at the moment how serious the injury is and when the fight might be rescheduled.

Image via Tracy Lee for Yahoo! Sports

Update: ESPN’s Josh Gross is reporting that Jose Aldo still wants to fight despite having a compacted vertebrae that is limiting the use of his right arm.

At the behest of his trainer, Andre “Dede” Pederneiras, Aldo underwent an MRI after it was clear the fighter was operating at less than full strength in the gym. Doctors recommended that Aldo take a month off from training to focus on physical therapy.

The vertabrae is “compacting the spine, and they noticed he lost a lot of strength in the right arm,” Guimaraes said.

I admire Aldo’s warrior spirit, but with a spine injury, it’s probably best that Aldo follows his doctor’s recommendations and take the month off for physical therapy. Even if Aldo decides to fight, there’s still the question of whether the NSAC would even clear him with such an injury.

Update 2: Aldo’s trainer, Andre Pederneiras, said it was “hell,” but he finally talked him out of fighting.

It was such a really tough task for me to convince him not to fight. He wanted to fight anyway. He was really excited to make his UFC debut, but I told him [fighting] in such a crisis state, he may have really serious problems,” Andre Pederneiras, head of Nova Uniao, told “He argued that he wanted to fight anyway, that people would think he was chickening out, but I insisted and convinced him.”

“He’s felt this pain in his right arm for a long time, but you know how the tough guys behave. He just took an anti-inflammatory and kept training,” said Pederneiras. “But during training for his last two fights, it started to be more painful and, even with the medicine, he was complaining. Before we traveled for UFC 123, we went to a doctor and he said that he believed Aldo had some problem in his cervical spine, but he could only confirm after seeing the images from the exam.”

“When we returned, the doctor called me to say that Aldo had a reduction of the space between some vertebrae, and between C5 and C6, it was touching the medulla, which was causing the problem in the arm,” Pederneiras explained. “The doctor said that if Aldo doesn’t stop immediately for a month of physiotherapy [to realign the vertebrae], he could have more serious problems that prevent him from training for a longer time and require him to have surgery.”

“It was really hard. It was like hell for me. He was really disappointed and even cried after we made the decision,” Pederneiras said. “But finally, now we made the right decision. He’ll start physiotherapy and I think, in three months, he can finally make his Octagon debut.”

So it looks like Jose Aldo is definitely off UFC 125, will be out for at least three months.

Update 3: is reporting that Dustin Poirier will step in for Aldo at UFC 125 and fight Josh Grispi. Tough luck for Grispi but that’s how it goes in this sport.