Dana White hasn’t changed his opinion about the Greg Jackson camp and their approach to fighting. He still thinks they have a “safety first” mentality and fight to protect leads, regardless of whether they actually have them or not. He’s obviously not too pleased with this recent trend he sees amongst the Jackson team but says his opinion doesn’t mean anything.

That’s not entirely true though, because fighters’ jobs are on the line each and every event and that’s especially true now with the UFC-WEC merger. As Dana himself recently put it, “It’s a dog eat dog world. There’s so many good guys out there. You’re literally fighting for your UFC life every time you fight.”

I don’t know if his opinion of Team Jackson is entirely fair, but one thing is clear. Dana White and the UFC aren’t interested in fighters who play it safe, regardless of whether they win or lose. As evidenced by Gerald Harris’ release, the UFC has a short memory and all it takes is one lackluster performance to get shown the door.

HT: The Fight Fix via BE