“I messed up. I had the biggest opportunity in the world, and I didn’t seize the day. I didn’t take advantage of the situation I was in. I don’t feel sorry for myself in a sense of being cut. I’m more disappointed with my performance than anything. That’s what hurts me the most… I didn’t show enough initiative to win the fight. If it was an [preliminary-card] fight, I probably wouldn’t be in that much trouble, but they gave me the opportunity of a lifetime (on pay-per-view), and I blew it. I really blew it. I have nothing to blame it on. I’m not blaming it on the choke. I had a great training camp. Everything was great other than the fight. I have no excuses, none at all. I don’t want to use the words ‘reality check’ or ‘wake-up call,’ but they didn’t make an example out of me. They set the standard for fighters. They’ve made it clear that they’re not going to accept that type of performance. I don’t care who you are; they don’t accept that kind of performance on the big stage… I’m glad that Dana didn’t say, ‘You will never fight in the UFC again.’ He said, ‘You looked like [expletive], and you need to go home and think about it.’ They just don’t have time for performances like that… I know what I have to do. I promise you this: The next time you see me fight, you’re going to see a different person. I consider being cut a negative thing, but I’m going to try and make it a positive. This can give me an opportunity to fight in my hometown. This can give me the opportunity to make the changes I need to become a champion.”

—Gerald Harris talking to MMA Junkie about his surprising release from the UFC

Gerald Harris definitely seems to have the right attitude about losing his job, especially when most people seem to think he shouldn’t have. If he does what he says he’s going to do though, I bet we’ll see him back in the Octagon in no time.

Image via GeraldHurricaneHarris.com

Update: I don’t think he would have went there anyways, but in case you were wondering, Strikeforce isn’t interested.

“I talked to my guys about it, actually, they talked to me about it,” Coker said of signing Harris. “I watched the fight [against Falcao], I didn’t know how to judge it. Then they told me about his background and his past and things you are telling me now, that this guy is a tremendous athlete (who) has a ton of potential and just had bad showing or fought very cautious to try and win the fight.

“The only thing right now is we are really committed to the fighters we have under contract now and I want to make sure these guys get in the mix two or three next year. That doesn’t mean we can’t revisit with him, but for right now, I would say that I want to take care of the roster we currently have.”