This is a big event, this is going to be a huge fight and obviously I pissed off 20.000 French-Canadians when I was there last time and I don’t think there will be too many cheering for me this time. Its going to be a fun event. Its going to be a huge pay-per-view and people are going to tune in because they know there will be a new champion… I have a great gameplan and my thing is, I don’t think George has a good chin and I don’t think his hands are that good. So I want to keep this fight on the feet and knock his ass out… I believe he hasn’t been hit since Matt Serra. That was a good crack. His chin hasn’t been tested and I think Georges has quit in him. If you look at the first Matt Hughes fight where he arm barred him, he was tapping before it was even tight. If you look at when little Matt Serra was on top of him pounding him, he tapped out. So I believe that Georges has quit in him and you just have to take him to that point. Nobody has been able to do it since those two but I plan on doing it on December 11th.

—Josh Koscheck telling Fighters Only Magazine about his plans to knock out Georges St. Pierre at UFC 124

Anyone think Koscheck can stay off his back long enough this time to actually hit GSP and finish him off like he says he will? Or will this be another dominant five-round performance from the welterweight champ?

Image via Sherdog