Thanks to modern day technology, we get to watch Chael Sonnen’s appeal hearing with the CSAC live today. The meeting is currently underway, however Sonnen’s appeal is not expected to begin until 3:30-4:00PM ET per the CSAC. Josh Barnett is also expected to appear in front of the commission in attempts to get licensed following his positive steroid test before his scheduled Affliction “Trilogy” bout against Fedor Emelianenko in 2009.

HT: Cage Potato

Update: The CSAC commissioners decided 3-1 to reduce Chael Sonnen’s suspension from 12 months to six months, and retain the $2,500 fine. Josh Barnett’s relicensure was postponed to the next meeting because the commissioners literally had no idea what was going on with his case and Barnett did not have his attorney present. A new post with more details is forthcoming.