Despite reports to the contrary, FEG USA’s Mike Kogan says Dynamite!! 2010 will air on TBS in Japan after all.

According to Mike Kogan Dynamite!! 2010 will air on TBS in Japan as scheduled, and that TBS is still sponsoring the event. So according to Kogan, everything will happen as planned; TBS will cover a lot of the costs of the event and broadcast the usual stripped down version of the event on television. For those in doubt, TBS has yet to pull the K-1 Dynamite section of their website.

As far as I’m aware there still hasn’t been an official announcement yet which sent the red flags up this late in the game in the first place. But if this is in fact true, it’s first piece of positive news about FEG we’ve heard in months.

At the end of the day though, Kogan says the company still need investors to survive and so far that still hasn’t come through.