Maiquel Falcao, the fighter who took a wave of public heat from Dana White for his boring third round performance against Gerald Harris, was arrested in Brazil earlier today on assault charges.

Falcao was reportedly taken into custody on the property of Brazil South Communications Group, shortly after conducted an interview. The arrest was on a warrant related to the bodily injury of a woman stemming from an incident 2002.

The report added that Falcao was taken to an “emergency department” in Pelotas and was referred to a jail, but was awaiting a decision of whether he would actually be sent to the jail because it was scheduled to be closed. His lawyer has filed an appeal.

No one seems to know what Falcao specifically did to warrant the arrest, but he does seem to have problems with controlling his aggression. Timekeeping error aside, if you didn’t approve of him holding the choke at the end of the first round in the Harris fight, then you’ll really be disgusted with his actions at the end the fight in the video below. Despite the ref’s best efforts to literally jump on Falcao’s back and pull him off, Falcao continued to drop hammerfists on his finished opponent like it was the end to a brutal street fight. If you’re the UFC, you gotta be wondering if this guy’s more trouble than he’s worth.