“I don’t hide that I’m nervous, that I’m scared… But I’m at my best when I have that feeling. I embrace it. Josh Koscheck doesn’t embrace it. He’s not like me. From the outside, [Koscheck] wants to look like a bully, like a guy who can bully me around. But inside, he is very worried. He’s very insecure about himself. That’s why he acts like this. He tries to insult me, to make me worry. But in reality, he’s the one who’s worried; he’s the one who’s nervous too. I don’t fight with my anger; I fight with my art. If you fight with your anger sometimes you make mistakes, and that’s exactly what Josh Koscheck wants me to do. He knows he can’t match my skills, so he’s trying to distract me by saying those things and hope that I make a mistake. I’m not going to fall into that game. It adds pressure on me because I’m fighting at home. But it’s going to turn out on my side because the fans will give me the energy to push myself even further during the fight. I’m at my best when I am fighting under pressure.”

—Georges St. Pierre talking to ESPN.com about embracing his fears when he fights

Meanwhile, Josh Koscheck appeared on SportsCenter this morning and said he was going to knock GSP out in either rounds two or three.