Most fighters celebrate when they score a brutal knockout. Not Sean McCorkle. He hit a guy so hard earlier in his career he thought he killed him. It made him so sick he almost quit fighting for good.

“I fought at King of the Cage in 2007 or 2006, and I hit a guy so hard that he went out and he stopped breathing. They came in there and were pumping on his chest, and I was nauseous. I thought, if I just killed that guy I’m going to hang myself. Everybody afterwards was like, ‘Man, that was awesome.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah? Was it awesome that his family was there watching that?'”

“I didn’t want to fight anymore. I was sick to my stomach. I swore from that point that I wouldn’t fight guys who weren’t good anymore. Then I went out and fought like three more guys who sucked, so I guess I didn’t stick to my morals on that one.”

In other words, he’s basically the complete opposite of this guy.

Image via MMA Junkie