The K-1 WGP 2010 Final 8 took place early this morning in Tokyo, Japan. Key fights from the tournament can be found in the video playlist above.

Results and recap after the jump.


He did it. Alistair Overeem wanted to be the first fighter to become both a MMA champion and a K-1 WGP champion, and now he is. It didn’t come easy, but Overeem worked his way through the last night’s K-1 tournament to win the 2010 K-1 WGP championship.

Overeem struggled early against Tyrone Spong in the quarterfinals. Spong used his speed to score early, while Overeem struggled to fight his instinct to use the Muay Thai clinch when he closed distance. That rule violation earned Overeem two warnings from the ref, but it was something Overeem clearly had a hard time not doing as the fight and tournament wore on. Having lost the first round, Overeem picked it up late in the second as Spong started to fade. Overeem took the round making it 1-1 heading into the third and final round. Not to be eliminated in his first fight of the evening, Overeem rocked Spong hard, forcing a standing eight count. It was enough to take the round and the fight.

Overeem met Gokhan Saki in the semi-finals, and may have caught a break. Like the Spong, Gaki came out of the gate strong, but it became clear pretty early that something was wrong with Gaki’s right side. Overeem picked up on this and drilled a kick into the area Gaki appeared to be protecting. The kick appeared to break Gaki’s elbow before crushing into the side of his body. Gaki immediately turned away in pain and confirmed he could no longer continue.

Everyone expected that if Overeem made it to the finals, he would have to face 2009 K-1 WGP champion Semmy Schilt. That wasn’t the case though. Peter Aerts pulled off a shocking majoring decision upset over Schilt in the other semi-final bout to advance to the finals and face Overeem. It was another break for Overeem because Aerts was clearly less than 100% after his war with Schilt. Overeem sensed his opponent didn’t have much left and went in for the kill early. He attacked with vicious combinations of punches, kicks, and knees. Aerts tried to fight him off, but didn’t stand a chance as Overeem cornered him and unleashed a flurry that knocked him to the ground. Aerts failed to recover and Overeem was crowned the 2010 K-1 WGP champion.



  • Alistair Overeem defeats Peter Aerts via TKO in Round One


  • Peter Aerts defeats Semmy Schilt via Majority Decision
  • Alistair Overeem defeats Gokhan Saki via TKO in Round One


  • Peter Aerts defeated Mighty Mo via Knockout in Round One
  • Semmy Schilt defeats Kyotaro via Unanimous Decision
  • Gokhan Saki defeats Daniel Ghita via Split Decision (Extension Round)
  • Alistair Overeem defeats Tyrone Sprong via Unanimous Decision


  • Ewerton Teixeira defeats Errol Zimmerman via Unanimous Decision

Other Bouts

  • Singh “Heart” Jaideep defeats Sergey Kharitonov via TKO in Round One
  • Hesdy Gerges defeats Yusuke Fujimoto via TKO in Round One