“They’ve started spitting out, ‘Oh, 178.’ Meanwhile back at the ranch, Nick Diaz is saying, ‘I’ll fight middleweight. I’ll fight middleweight.’ OK, well, just not against me, right? That’s how it is… He’s bologna, this guy. These guys don’t want to fight me. He doesn’t want to fight me, so now he’s like making it, ‘Oh, Mayhem turned down the fight.’ I didn’t turn down a fight. I never got offered a fight… We’ve got an outstanding beef. They trumped up this beef with him and K.J. Noons — it was a 4-year-old beef. Man, Tito Ortiz was smashing Ken Shamrock back in the days they had that beef. This beef is brand-spanking-new. Let’s do it now. Let’s do it now. Stockton is a bunch of sissies… I’m at the table. I’m at the table with a plate of yams, sitting there ready to spank his ass, but he doesn’t want to come to the table. He wants to sit in his bedroom with Cesar Gracie and cuddle.”

—Jason “Mayhem” Miller on Sherdog Radio continuing his media campaign to coax Nick Diaz into fighting him at 185lb.

It’s obvious this fight not coming together is really starting to piss Mayhem Miller off.  Mayhem lost his cool over the weekend with a videographer/Nick Diaz supporter named “Layzie the Savage.” Layzie explained on the UG that he was at the opening of Kings MMA shooting a commercial for gym owner Rafael Cordeiro. Mayhem happened to be there to receive his black belt, but ended up getting in a scuffle with Layzie. According to Layzie, Mayhem slapped him on the back of the head, shoved him towards the door and told him to GTFO of the gym. Things got more “hairy” outside as Layzie put it, but that part was edited out of the video below. In response to the altercation, Layzie exclaimed on the UG, “You fucked up by putting your hands on me. I’m not your ex girlfriend, bro… and you’re not going to get away with that shit.” This led everyone to believe that he was going to press charges or sue, but he later clarified he wouldn’t be taking any legal action. You can check out most of the confrontation in the video below.

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