In the sport of MMA, no one is more polarizing than UFC president Dana White. He has given his haters plenty of ammunition over the years, but for every public tirade he goes on, he does something equally positive for the community that has earned him a massive and loyal following. In the case of the latter, this story tops the list.

Upon learning that one of his trainers from Tiger Muay Thai, one of Thailand’s leading Muay Thai training centers, has a 4-year-old daughter who is desperate need of a liver transplant but can’t afford the $50,000 price tag, Ben Pittsley went to the UG to implore Dana White to “step up” and help pay for the surgery.

From: Ben Pittsley
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I recently visitied Tiger Muay Thai and had the experience of a lifetime, But this is not about me, this is about SAVING THE LIFE OF A 4yr OLD GIRL!!!!

I had the pleasure of training with Kru Nai and meeting his family….When I returned home I learned that his daughter needs a LIVER TRANSPLANT or will die….the doctors gave 4 weeks to live…..

Please donate and help save a life

If you are a true ambassador for the sport…..PAY FOR THIS SURGERY!!!

Please help, no donation to small……..the clock is ticking or contact TIGER MUAY THAI for details

Nai is the trainer in Roger Huerta’s HL Video…..

STEP UP Mr. WHITE…..please save a life

I doubt anyone actually expected Dana to do it, but guess what? He did. A UFC representative later responded to the thread saying Dana would pay for the remaining funds needed for the surgery, which has since been confirmed by various news outlets.

Perhaps even more surprising, it’s not even the first time Dana has done something like this. According to Fighter’s Only, he also made a private donation to help save a 2-year-old girl’s life earlier this year.

At the start of this year he made a private donation to a fund for a desperately ill 2 year old girl in the UK who needed to be taken to the US for a life-saving operation.

Neither White nor the UFC has ever sought to gain publicity for these kind of donations – in fact in the case of the donation earlier this year we couldn’t get official confirmation of it from anyone at the UFC and it was only the girl’s family who confirmed what had happened.

What I really like about this is how they’ve chosen to keep it private. Oftentimes when a public figure makes a sizable donation, it’s accompanied by a big press release touting the grand gesture he or she just made. To me, that always comes across as more self-serving than self-sacrificing. So kudos to Mr. White for not only “stepping up,” but also keeping his philanthropic efforts under wraps.

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