UFC 128 may mark Tito Ortiz’s last chance to pick up a win and continue his 23-fight UFC run, but even if he loses Tito says he is far from finished in mixed martial arts. He tells FightHubTV.com (transcribed via Fight Opinion) that he’s going to continue fighting for another 3-4 years, win, lose or draw.

Dana White recently said in an interview that this was your last shot, your last chance in the UFC. How do you feel about that? You feel any added pressure?

Um, no, there’s no added pressure at all. You know, I’m going to fight no matter what. You know, in his mind, uh, it may be my last fight. Nah, not at all. I’m going to continue fighting. Win, lose, or draw, I’m fighting no matter what. You know, I’m healthy, man. I got a new back, I got a new neck, you know I went through major back surgery, major neck surgery, and I wouldn’t have gone through that if I wasn’t serious about my career. You know I’m only 36 years. I believe I still have at least three or four more years of solid fighting and when I start getting knocked out in each one of my fights, then it’s time for me to hang ‘em up. But, you know, I’ve never been knocked out unconscious, ever. After every one of my losses I’ve always stood to my feet and I’ve always given a hell of a fight every time I’ve fought. Even the last three, four fights that have been decisions. You know I lost a split decision to Forrest (Griffin) that I thought I beat him. You know I [had a draw] to Rashad Evans. In my last match against Matt Hamill I made a couple of mistakes and did not defend the takedown. That’s my fault for not wrestling and like I said I come out, I fight, I entertain, I sell tickets and I go out and I entertain as I do. I put my heart on the line every time I fight so this is far from my last fight but I’m going to win so Dana (White) will have nothing to worry about.