Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen may be out of the running to coach TUF 13, but that doesn’t mean the mini-feud they recently sparked is going to flame out. Adding more fuel to the fire, Silva tells The Fight Network that he “killed” Sonnen the one time they trained together.

“Sonnen, he’s more of a wrestler. I think that’s a good fight for me, too,” Silva says. “I trained with him one time at [Xtreme Couture] and I killed him there, you know? I think he’s a good opponent too. He’s tough.

The other opponent Wand’s referring to is Chris Leben. Despite his growing beef with Sonnen, Wand would prefer to fight Leben in Toronto because he thinks Leben will stand toe-to-toe with him and will make for a good fight for the fans. As intriguing as his rivalry with Sonnen is, he’s probably right. Wand-Leben has the potential to be a much better fight than Wand-Sonnen.