Following his nasty knockout victory over Scott Smith earlier this month, Paul Daley said he wanted a piece of KJ Noons, and after that he wanted a title shot against Strikeforce welterweight champ Nick Diaz. If nothing else, Daley vs. Noons would be a fun fight, but it doesn’t sound like Noons is too interested.

“Of course it would be exciting to watch me knockout Paul Daley. Everybody would want to see that, but the thing is nobody wants to see Paul Daley. He’s like the black eye of MMA, this guy’s the leftovers of the UFC. I’m surprised Strikeforce even picked him up. He’s trying to make his name so of course he’s going to call somebody out that beat Nick Diaz. That’s how he’s trying to get his name out there.”

“I’m going to lightweight for sure, I only came up for the Nick Diaz fight. Besides that I’ve got the rubber match already for Nick Diaz, so I’ve got the shot at Nick whenever we do that shot again, to fight Daley that’s almost like a step down,” said Noons. “I already have a fight with the top guy at 170 so why the hell would I take a fight with Paul Daley? Besides that, I’ll fight anybody Strikeforce tells me to fight. Whether it’s 155, whether it’s 170, or whether it’s 250 pounds, that’s my job to fight whoever they tell me to fight.”

For those of you that got lost in Noons’ sea of contradiction, Noons will fight anyone Strikeforce tells him to fight, whether it’s Gilbert Melendez or Alistair freaking Overeem, but not Paul Daley. Perfect.

With his first choice seemingly off the table, Daley has started to look elsewhere for his next opponent. He still wants one more fight before challenging Nick Diaz for the title, but his options are rather limited. Still, Daley has a few ideas and took them to the UG to get fans’ feedback.

I wanna fight next in March despite having some offers for Januarys show.

1st) KJ, But…KJ Dont want it.
2nd) Cyborg is game, would take that fight. Would be an exciting tough fight for the fans.
3rd) Cung Lee at a Catch weight?
4th) Nick Diaz, for a summer title showdown.

These are the ONLY IMMEDIATE (Next 6 months) fights i am interested and will SIGN for STRIKEFORCE.

Gilbert Melendez has called me out. Says he’ll fight at 170lbs.

I’m down, but i know i will get negative feedback from the MMA Media for fighting a Lightweight…again, despite having KO/TKO’d 2 middleweights in my past 3 fights (Acacio and Smith)

So still we have a problem, what i want is another fight in between fighting Diaz, a fight that makes sense and qualifies me, for fighting for the Strikeforce WW title.

If you ask me, Daley should really try and keep it in the weight class, especially if he’s trying to “earn” a welterweight title shot. That pretty much leaves Cyborg Santos and only Cyborg Santos unless Strikeforce wants to give their top prospect Tyron Woodley a step up in competition. If that doesn’t pan out for whatever reason though, they might as well just fast track Daley straight into a title fight with Diaz. Strikeforce has certainly given guys title shots for less.

Image via Esther Lin for Strikeforce/Showtime