“I was at his house and met his family. I met his daughter and wife, who is pregnant. It’s always nice to be in touch with people like him… Mike Tyson is a big idol, and he crossed the boundaries of sport. He was a great inspiration to many athletes and in my career since I was a child. We have much in common and had fame too soon. We always have good conversations… I told him that he’s used badly, because he has great views of fighting. He knows a lot of martial arts, but they aren’t given the proper value. He said he wanted to be part of my camp, and it was a pleasure to be part of my training. I told him to come in and give me some tips. He’s an important person in the sport and was a great motivator for many successful fighters. I think it’s important to have a recovery.”

—Vitor Belfort on Radio Portal do Vale Tudo via Sherdog talking about inviting Mike Tyson into his training camp for Anderson Silva

Does Mike Tyson trump Steven Seagal?

Image via GracieMag