It’s official, finally. Alistair Overeem will meet Todd “Doubt Me” Duffee in a heavyweight match-up at DREAM. The only question is whether it will be for the vacant DREAM heavyweight title or not. DREAM officials are still deciding.

Overeem & Duffee press conference quotes via MMA Fighting:

Alistair Overeem

“I’m very happy that DREAM found an opponent for me. I’m sure that Todd is going to be very motivated to show a good fight so I’m sure the fans will enjoy a good show. I’m a fighter and I love to fight. The Dynamite show is a nice show to fight on so why not? Secondly, DREAM heavyweight title. I love titles. I’m the Strikeforce champion, recently I became the K-1 champion. The DREAM title is another one that I want.”

“I’m very motivated for the DREAM heavyweight title. I’ll just wait and see what DREAM decides. I’m just happy that they found someone who is ready to fight, is coming from the UFC, has a good record and is a very aggressive style fighter. I think he is worthy of a title fight. After I win this fight, if anyone wants the DREAM heavyweight title they can come here and try and take it from me and I’ll fight anybody. I’m ready for anybody.”

Todd Duffee

“I think every opponent is risky. It’s MMA, that’s what it’s about. It’s a chance to fight in Japan and a chance to fight one of the best. I’m in the sport to test myself and not have some sort of padded record. I’m here to fight, that’s why we do what we do. I want to see what I’m made of and Alistair is a great opponent to do that against.”

“I definitely wore [the “Doubt Me” t-shirt] on purpose. I know everyone’s got Alistair picked. I definitely think I deserve a little more respect than what I’m getting and I’m going to go out there and prove that. [I accepted the fight] the moment I got the offer. I didn’t hear about it for some time. I heard about it maybe ten days ago.”

“My manager said no, but I think you just can’t say no to this kind of opportunity. You’ve got to do things in your life to get where you want to be and who’s got the right to tell you about it. That’s how I feel. I actually asked my manager if he could get this fight for me. I heard that they were having trouble getting an opponent for him and everybody turned it down. I thought there might be a shot in hell that I could get it and at first he said no, we talked for about an hour and he finally went out there and did it. I have one of the best managers in the business. I understand his perspective on why I shouldn’t be here but I know the reasons why I should be here.”

It’s a very dangerous fight for Overeem, but one he should win. I’m just happy he’s not fighting a can for a change.

Special rules were also announced for Shinya Aoki vs. Yuichiro Nagashima and Bob Sapp vs. Shinichi Suzukawa.

Aoki vs. Nagashima: One three-minute kickboxing round followed by five-minute MMA round, open finger gloves, fight declared draw if it doesn’t end in knockout or submission.

Sapp vs. Suzukawa: MMA rules, no gloves, palm strikes allowed but not closed fists

Image via Esther Lin of All Elbows