It appears that summary of Dave Meltzer’s radio show where he talked about Brock Lesnar’s “exit strategy” from the UFC wasn’t entirely accurate. In the video above, Meltzer tells Yahoo! Sports’ Steve Cofield that was pretty angry with how his words were twisted into Brock Lesnar wanting to leave the UFC for the WWE, but That’s not the case at all says Meltzer. Brock may want to do Wrestlemania for a ~$2 million payday, but he isn’t looking to get back into pro wrestling full-time.

When he mentioned an “exit strategy” from the UFC, Meltzer clarified that he was speaking in terms of years from now. He believes the business man in Brock Lesnar wants to maximize his earning power in 2011 and that includes the Westlemania appearance in addition to fighting for the UFC. Whether he can strike a deal with Dana White to do that remains to be seen.

In short, don’t expect Lesnar to fight for the UFC for the next five years, but he probably won’t leave the organization in 2011 either.